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ABOUT Mastercrafts


Who Are We?

We publish Mastercrafts Magazine, the digital family-friendly trades magazine for all ages, bursting with projects, plans, tips & tricks, resources, and so much more!

Mastercrafts Magazine began as a print magazine in response to the removal of shop class from schools. Our goal was to provide an additional resource for parents/guardians and a source of learning and fun for kids! But the print era only lasted for so long - 2020 saw the shut down of the press... and our magazine. But more than ever we continued to witness the need for good, hands-on, trade-based literature, so we decided to find another way to bring Mastercrafts to life. So, in 2022, Mastercrafts Digital was born!

We have a heart for active learners - the doodlers, the dreamers, the ones who can’t sit still, the ones who always want to know “why,” and the ones with so many ideas they don’t know where to begin. We believe EVERYONE can Build Cool Stuff - so we created this magazine to help you do just that!


Read this issue for free! No strings attached.

What is Mastercrafts Magazine?

Mastercrafts Magazine is a colorful 50+ page family-friendly interactive trades magazine chock-full of tips, tricks, projects, plans, and more to inspire readers to Build Cool Stuff! Released quarterly, each issue contains a wide variety of content areas, such as metalworking, applied chemistry, woodworking, machining, and much more. While most of our readers are between the ages of 8 and 16 years of age, about 30% of our readers are adults who also enjoy the publication!


Each magazine has projects and ideas designed to inspire and get readers thinking and building - even without workshop access or tool knowledge. Meant to challenge everyone - from the most beginning maker to the most advanced creator - Mastercrafts is always written and reviewed by a team of experts in the field, so readers can be confident that they’re receiving the most up-to-date, relevant, and accurate content.

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