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  • What's in Mastercrafts Magazine?
    Mastercrafts Magazine is packed with all things maker-related! Readers will always find loads of feature articles, interviews with professionals, infographics, shop vocabulary, tool tips & tricks, shop videos, interactive features, cool plans & projects, workshop Q&A, and more - all designed to help you Build Cool Stuff. Check out a sample issue below!
  • Is There Any Advertising in the Magazine?
    Mastercrafts has very limited advertising - only one page. Any businesses featured on this page have been heavily vetted to ensure family-friendliness, and are either sister companies or are a place for our interviewed professionals to display business information, as a small thank-you for their time. This guarantees Mastercrafts to be a fun and wholesome read for everyone!
  • What Age Group is Mastercrafts Aimed At?
    In general, the readership of our magazine ranges from age eight to age sixteen. However, we have some younger readers and some older - even adults find the magazine enjoyable! You can scroll through a full sample of Mastercrafts on our 'About' page, or purchase one of the back issues from our shop before taking out a subscription.
  • Can I Get a Sample of Mastercrafts Before Purchasing?
    We have a full sample magazine you can browse below!
  • How Often Is Mastercrafts Published?
    Mastercrafts Magazine is published four times a year - Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.
  • Will Mastercrafts Work on My Device?
    Mastercrafts is geared for both desktop & mobile device! If you're using desktop, simply access your content by logging into your Magsfast account. If you're using a mobile device, download our app found in the Apple Store and on Google Play, and take Mastercrafts wherever your tablet or phone go!
  • Do You Offer Lesson Packs for Educators?
    We're happy to announce that we will be offering lesson packs for educators starting in late 2024! These resources will include single lessons, lesson bundles, and resources for learning environments such as home education, classical education, private and charter schools, and public and title 1 schools.
  • Can I Purchase Mastercrafts for my School?
    Starting in late 2024, we will have the option for schools to build-their-own bundled Mastercrafts pack! These packs will include logins for a set number of students, admin logins for educators, and educational resources.
  • What Content Areas Can I Expect in Mastercrafts?
    Cross-curricular learning is so important - especially for any reluctant students! That's why we pack a variety of subject areas into each issue, such as: -Language Arts | Vocabulary, Literacy -Chemistry | Alloys, Elements, Atoms & Molecules, Metallurgy, Chemicals, Physical & Chemical Change, Solvents & Solutes -Physics | How Things Work & Why, Laws of Physics, Cause + Effect -Earth & Environmental Science | Applied Biology, Mining/Sourcing/Harvesting, Geology -Construction Math | Geometry, Natural Sequences, Measurement, -Art & Design | Architecture, Drawing, CAD, Principles of Color and Design, Process, Spatial Awareness -Social Studies | Process History, Famous Tools & Weapons from History, Inventors, -Entrepreneurship | How Businesses Work, Trademarks, Business Types, Ideas and Inventions, Problem-Solving, Patents Plus Core Areas of Shop, Such As: -Welding -Auto -Metalworking -Woodworking -Other Skill-Based Trades + MUCH MORE!
  • Who is Part of the Mastercrafts Team?
    Our Editor-In-Chief, Ron, is the head of Kilroy's Workshop, the largest trade school of its kind! He has backgrounds in business, special education, computer programming (he has a patent with NASA!), woodworking and metalworking, writing, and illustration. He's been a homeschooling father for over 20 years, and he loves blowing things up (safely, of course.) Our Assistant Editor, Jessica, is a licensed Colorado educator with a CLD endorsement. She's a journeyman blacksmith who's seen both the admin and the educator sides of learning, and has worked in trade, Title 1, classical, private, and music schools. She enjoys writing and graphic designing for Mastercrafts, and makes sure that each issue is packed with cool stuff to learn! Ben is our primary videographer for our Simple Things Around the Shop section! He's our shop manager and a lead teacher at Kilroy's, and can make pretty much everything from axes and swords to trailers and theatre sets! He loves editing YouTube videos in his spare time, and does a great job finding cool content for each issue. Our proofer, Susan, is an English whiz and loves all things color and design. She's been a licensed Colorado educator and homeschooling mama for over 25 years, so she makes sure Mastercrafts is polished in every facet before each issue goes to publishing! --- Besides our core team, Mastercrafts brings in various experts from applicable trade and science fields to contribute to & proof our writing, so that we can always bring you the most up-to-date, accurate magazines as possible!
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